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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Make me cry

July 2, 2006

I find it very hard to cry after or during a spanking, but I very much needed the release. My spanking partner knew how stressed I had been, so we had a nice long session with his intention of making me cry. He first pulled me over his knee and started with a hand spanking for a warm up. It wasn't much of a warm-up as his hand can hurt as much as the heaviest paddle. He then instructed me to position myself over several pillows on our bed. I am always bad about trying to peek and see what implements he is getting. I know the sound of each and every one of them. He chose the canes next. The smallest one I think hurts the most. There is also a riding crop in my cane case which he used with great delight. Next came the dreaded Wal-mart bathbrush. I took 60 hard licks with it before I couldn't help but start to cry. He ask me if I needed more and then gave me another 25. I must have cried for a 1/2 hour afterwards, but it was a wonderful release.


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